Crude oil investment sentiment

Crude oil investment sentiment

Another notewoCrude oil investment sentimentrthy event is the meeting of the OPEC + Joint Technical Committee (JTC) to be

Gold, daily chart, gold began to rise sharply after reaching 1764 this week, reaching the highest value of 1848.2 US dollars, rising more than 80 US dollars at one time, and finally recording an increase of 2.85%. The main reason for gold's rise is that the US stimulus plan negotiation hopes to revive. Chairman Powell of the US Federal Reserve calls for policies and policies to support the economy and support the substantial rise of gold. The rebound of gold is relatively strong, and there is no decent correction. In terms of technology, weekly, MACD short energy column shrinkage, KD dead fork is slightly passivated, empty dominant, daily line, MACD long energy column volume, KD golden fork upward, after three consecutive Yang, is to adjust or continue, focus on the trend at the beginning of next week, and at present, we need to focus on the suppression of support position in 1848-1851 area If gold bulls want to continue, they must stand firm to have a certain space. We can't break through this line to try short space. At the same time, we notice that the weekly and monthly lines suppress the further 1867-1870 area. Therefore, it is not recommended to catch up next week and guard against the pullback,

OPEC + agreed to limit production and looked forward to the U.S. stimulus package; financial

Because today, we can see that there is a sentiment in the market, that is, we should start

However, affected by the safety of public events, oil producing areas in various regions are

demand conditions improved further. Due to overbought signals from key technical Crude oil investment sentimentindicators

completely exhausted. From the index point of view, there is a sign that the price deviates