Bloomberg crude oil prices today

Bloomberg crude oil prices today

API crude oil inventory increased by 4.577 million barrels in the week from October 23 to October 23, which was expected to increase by 1.11 million barrels, which was negaBloomberg crude oil prices todaytive for oil price; gasoline inventory was increased by 225

"Gold rose again yesterday, breaking through the 4-hour level of triangle finishing,

The long-awaited EIA did not surprise me, and the shock of crude oil was still not broken. After the data was released, I saw the weak trend of crude oil, and I even had a nosebleed. Isn't this the plot in the novel? I took it and blocked it with paper. I started the short-term over frequency trading. I think it has not been so crazy for several years. Maybe the crude oil has stimulated me Oil 26-25.7 long short operation, gold 1711-1717 long short operation, plus the cooperation of excellent customers, we made 10 points of profit in one hour last night, and one time the customer went in and lost a single. Ha ha, maybe I haven't seen me do this before. It's a mess.

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situation in the Middle East is becoming tense, and the medium and long-term benefits of the

that by the end of 2015, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generBloomberg crude oil prices todayation

was still trading around $1700 as the downward pressure on the economy was very obvious. At