Crude oil trading basis pdf

Crude oil trading basis pdf

After Saudi Arabia and Russia put forward plans to increase production appropriately, some of the remaining 22 oil-producing countries involved in production cuts did not approve of this. Because relaxing production cuts will Crude oil trading basis pdfhardly benefit them. If the relaxation leads to a further drop in oil prices, it will reduce their existing benefits or even suffer losses.

Foreign media reported that the United States has privately asked Saudi Arabia and some other OPEC oil-producing countries to increase the production of crude oil by about 0 million barrels per day. The news has triggered a plunge in international oil prices. However, Goldman Sachs Global Commodity Research Director Jeff Kerry later wrote that the increase in production was expected by them. Even if OPEC agrees to increase production, the outlook for crude oil is still bullish, because this approach will not stop global crude oil in the second half of the year. Inventories continue to fall.

It is worth noting that the OPEC communiqué did not mention a clear increase in production figures, nor did it specify how the output between OPEC and non-OPEC countries will be distributed. Some analysts believe that the vague wording in the communiqué indicates that there are still major differences within the organization and the relevant agreement is a compromise choice. Saudi Energy Minister Falih said that the nominal output of oil-producing countries will increase by 0 million barrels per day. Countries such as Iraq and Nigeria indicated that the actual increase in production may only be around 700,000 barrels per day, because some countries with declining production will find it difficult to fully meet the production quota.

There are many factors that affect the crude oil market. Novices need to make corresponding preparations and learn relevant knowledge before investing in crude oil, so that they can have their own judgments on the future investment road, instead of blindly following the trend. Investment is not only dependent on Victory can be won by luck.

Although crude oil is a mature market investment tool with simple operation and long-short trading, investors always operate with a gambler mentality. For example, everything is an absolute full position operation, and if they refuse to admit defeat, even if it is high The master of, can't win every time.

Since Trump announced the ban, various countries have stopped importing Iranian crude oil. The first to stop imports was South Korea,Crude oil trading basis pdf which started to stop importing Iranian crude oil in July, and it has stopped completely this month. Then there is Japan. Although Japan has repeatedly sought immunity from the United States, it is also reducing imports. Last month, Japan’s imports of Iranian crude oil dropped directly from 4 million barrels to 2 million barrels. Recently, Japan has officially announced that it will officially stop importing Iranian crude oil in October. Another is India. India’s attitude towards Iran’s crude oil imports has been repeated. From abandoning imports to seeking US exemption to continue to import, the overall import volume is still declining. According to statistics, the highest single-day drop in crude oil imports from India and Iran was from 720,000 barrels to 540,000 barrels.

The most difficult thing to grasp in the crude oil trading market is the timing of entry. It is not the best time to enter the market earlier or later. A successful crude oil trader will grasp the entry signal and strive to maximize profits. So, how do crude oil traders seize the trading opportunity?

The United States enters the hurricane season from June to February every year, especially from August to August. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA forecast, 70% of the occurrences in the Altantic region in 208 occurred: 0-6 tropical storms; 5-9 hurricanes; and 4 super storms.

In a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House to discuss sanctions against Venezuela in August last year, Trump said something astonishing: Why can’t the United States directly invade Venezuela? Because of the economic crisis, Venezuela, whose oil production is declining, will surely lead to a global invasion. Crude oil supply has worsened.